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EDF Prime Energie incentive

3 août 2023
Heat pump
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For the purchase of a high-temperature heat pump, take advantage of a rebate offer (intuis provides a reimbursement of 200 to 350 euros including tax).

Offer valid from January 1st to December 31st, 2023. Reserved for individuals, subject to stock availability.

intuis high-temperature heat pump:

  • Specifically designed for renovations as a replacement for a boiler.
  • Compatible with all types of radiators: no modifications needed for your central heating.
  • Heating water up to 70°C.
  • Modulable power and a wide range of up to 40kW.
  • Autonomous operation down to -20°C outside air temperature.
  • Equipped with a multifunction hydraulic controller for easy and turnkey installation.

A partnership established with EDF

As part of the partnership established with EDF, intuis offers a benefit to the end customer on this equipment installed by a qualified RGE professional before December 31, 2023, as a replacement for your individual oil, coal, or non-condensing gas boiler.

EDF Prime Energie incentive

To register and benefit from our reimbursement offer, sign up on the EDF Energy Grant website.

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EDF Prime Energie incentive

To claim the intuis benefit reimbursement:

1. Register on the website www.prime-energie-edf.fr.
2. Print the fully completed reimbursement coupon.
3. Print a copy of the installation invoice clearly indicating the intuis solution references (see the downloadable document) dated between January 1st and December 31st, 2023.
4. Print a copy of the commissioning certificate issued by the installer or the Approved Technical Company (STA).
5. Print a copy of the commitment letter from EDF (received during registration on the website www.prime-energie-edf.fr).
6. Provide a copy of your bank account statement.

Send all documents to operationprimeenergie@groupe-intuis.fr or to the following address:
intuis Company - EDF PRIME ENERGIE Rue de la République CS40029 80210 FEUQUIÈRES-EN-VIMEU

You have until midnight on December 31, 2023, to submit your reimbursement request. Offer reserved for individuals, subject to stock availability."