Asymmetrical fluid towel radiator with blower

Opening on the right or left, the asymmetrical format with blower makes it easier to place and dry towels.




    Reference : NEK2555FGTP

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    • Suitable for mediumsized bathrooms OSYA is available in 2 powers of 500 and 750W, boosted by an integrated 1000W blower, for rapid temperature rises and accelerated drying.
    • Programmable electronic regulation is provided by a radiolink remote control box, which can be positioned in the room to have the adjustment within reach.*
    • The 1000W blower is timed from 15 minutes to 2 hours, it is equipped with a cleanable dust filter with warning indicator.
    • Smooth glossy white finish.

    *The radio control box is powered by batteries. Batteries are included.


    SAVINGS Precise electronic adjustment. Open window detection. Adjustable boost from 15 minutes to 2 hours. Daily and weekly programming: 3 pre-set programmes and 2 free programmes. 6-order pilot wire. Cleanable dust filter

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    (1) Recommended retail prices (excluding installation) may vary depending on each installer, who is free to set their own rates. Additionally, if your home is over 2 years old, you may be eligible for a reduced VAT rate of 10% or 5.5% for products eligible for the Energy Transition Tax Credit (heat pumps and thermodynamic water heaters). Please note that to benefit from tax credits and energy rebates, the products must be supplied and installed by a qualified professional.