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We are proud to provide you with a comprehensive range of professional tools designed to streamline your work and enhance your productivity. Explore our array of available tools and discover how they can help you become more efficient.

Product Configurator

Product Configurator

Optimize your clients' installations for the most accurate sizing.


Small Industrial and Commercial Configurator

Coming Soon: Configurators for Radiators, Towel Warmers, Heat Pumps, and Thermodynamic Water Heaters.


Heat Pump Sizing Software

Heat Pump Sizing Software


DimoPAC: A Sizing Tool that Simplifies Installers' Work and Secures Your Projects.

It enables you to generate a sizing note* encompassing all project-related information, the chosen solution, technical specifications, and hydraulic connection diagrams.

*Legal requirement since 01/04/2022 to obtain Energy Efficiency Certificates (CEE) for your installation

To access the tool

New Feature: Virtual Reality 

Utilize our virtual reality tool to visualize our products in your clients' spaces that need equipment !

How does it work ?

Open the website intuis.fr on your phone.

On each product page of the website, there will be a button 'See the product in my space.' By using this button, you can display the product on your screen. Point your camera at the floor to bring up the product and then point it at the wall to visualize the product in a real-world setting. Take a photo to review later.

intuis connect

A private space dedicated to professionals :

Access all technical information by creating your account in just a few clicks:

  • Tailored technical documentation (Manuals, PEP sheets, professional product sheets, Prices, Professional catalogs, Certifications...)
  • VIP access to our professional customer support and service
  • Your list of preferred commercial contacts
  • Lists of training programs
  • Enrollment in loyalty programs"
Documentation intuis


Explore our Intuis Documentation Space: a treasure trove of information awaits you! You will find the Intuis user manual, the Intuis media kit, and all the other essential documents, such as the CCTP (Technical Specifications), Input Sheets, DWG diagrams, PEP and FDES Sheets, Certifications, Test reports, Residential Building BAR Sheets, Séquelec Sheets, and the Spare Parts Catalog for PAC and CET.

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