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CALIDOO NATIV, watch the video

Electric heating

The electric radiator connected to today's needs

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calidoo nativ, la gamme

Calidoo nativ: The responsible, connected radiator

NNew technology: a self-limiting radiator

Active inertia management with the "auto-effacement" function for responsible use of electricity.


ENERGY SAVINGS: Making the most of free energy input

Better balance between its 3 heating elements and power modulation adapted to a milder climate.

A contemporary design

Horizontal, vertical or plinth model in a choice of 2 colours: white or anthracite.

An electric radiator with a triple heating element

Cast iron heating core and triple heating element for the right combination of inertia and responsiveness.

calidoo nativ technologie

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Calidoo nativ effacement

Load shedding technology for intelligent, socially responsible use of electricity!

France has made load shedding one of the priorities of its energy policy. intuis has therefore invented the first intelligent radiator with a peak load shedding function to relieve the national grid.


Calidoo nativ anticipates periods of high voltage and stores the energy needed upstream to guarantee the heat of its cast iron block at 100% of its capacity. It automatically shuts down between 20% and 60% of its power during periods of voltage, thereby limiting energy consumption without compromising the comfort of occupants.

  • Helping to balance the electricity grid and ensure rational energy consumption
  • Cost-effective comfort by making the most of free solar gain

Connectivity has never been so easy !

▶ New nativ interface: intuitive operation, quick installation, new features and simplified connectivity.

▶ Intuitive synchronisation between devices.

▶ Detection of absence or window opening, stopping heat emission if the room is in the sun.


Combined with the Application and the optional intuis connect gateway (1/home) take control of your comfort.

Calidoo nativ intuis connect