Calidoo nativ

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Calidoo nativ 1000W horizontal blanc





Calidoo nativ

Stylish smart radiator made from active cast iron with a triple heating element: Dynamic inertia management and reactivity. Peak time offsetting

This radiator is adapted to the new climate and promotes the responsible use of low-carbon electricity.




    Reference : M152113

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    • During mild spells, Calidoo switches to reactive mode, which uses only 40% of the power to make the most of free energy, which can cover up to 30% of your heating needs.
    • During periods of extreme cold, Calidoo nativ reduces its consumption by 60% during peak times, all without compromising comfort levels thanks to the heat accumulated and saved by the cast iron unit.
    • Priority is given to the warm front to ensure that you can feel the heat whatever the season.
    • A modern design available in all formats: horizontal, vertical, and skirting. Available in 2 slightly structured finishes: Twotone satin smooth white front and charcoal grey back, and 100% charcoal grey.

    * With the exception of skirting models: double heating element, dynamic inertia management, responsiveness, etc.


    SAVINGS: -Each degree cooler represents a 7% saving. CALIDOO nativ offers the most advanced energy-saving features recommended for CEEs (energy saving certificates) and renovations aimed at improving energy ratings. -New nativ interface o Colour graphic display with mode selector o Synchronisation between nativ devices o Degree programming mode - Setting accuracy to 1/10th of a degree. 0.1 certified AC - Behavioural indicator. - Absence detection. - Auto-adjust programming. - Open window detection. - Auto-reduction during peak hours - Property manager, bed and breakfast, and hospitality features: pin code locking of controls and set temperature. - Temperature calibration. - Daily and weekly programming. - 6-order pilot wire

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    (1) Recommended retail prices (excluding installation) may vary depending on each installer, who is free to set their own rates. Additionally, if your home is over 2 years old, you may be eligible for a reduced VAT rate of 10% or 5.5% for products eligible for the Energy Transition Tax Credit (heat pumps and thermodynamic water heaters). Please note that to benefit from tax credits and energy rebates, the products must be supplied and installed by a qualified professional.