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Radiateur Calidoo nativ

French Origin Guaranteed

Calidoo nativ 1000W horizontal blanc





Radiateur Calidoo nativ

Stylish smart radiator made from active cast iron with a triple heating element: Dynamic inertia management and reactivity. Peak time offsetting

This radiator is adapted to the new climate and promotes the responsible use of low-carbon electricity.




    Reference : M152113


    • During mild spells, Calidoo switches to reactive mode, which uses only 40% of the power to make the most of free energy, which can cover up to 30% of your heating needs.
    • During periods of extreme cold, Calidoo nativ reduces its consumption by 60% during peak times, all without compromising comfort levels thanks to the heat accumulated and saved by the cast iron unit.
    • Priority is given to the warm front to ensure that you can feel the heat whatever the season.
    • A modern design available in all formats: horizontal, vertical, and skirting. Available in 2 slightly structured finishes: Twotone satin smooth white front and charcoal grey back, and 100% charcoal grey.

    * With the exception of skirting models: double heating element, dynamic inertia management, responsiveness, etc.


    SAVINGS: -Each degree cooler represents a 7% saving. CALIDOO nativ offers the most advanced energy-saving features recommended for CEEs (energy saving certificates) and renovations aimed at improving energy ratings. -New nativ interface o Colour graphic display with mode selector o Synchronisation between nativ devices o Degree programming mode - Setting accuracy to 1/10th of a degree. 0.1 certified AC - Behavioural indicator. - Absence detection. - Auto-adjust programming. - Open window detection. - Auto-reduction during peak hours - Property manager, bed and breakfast, and hospitality features: pin code locking of controls and set temperature. - Temperature calibration. - Daily and weekly programming. - 6-order pilot wire

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