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Intuis Storage Radiators: Performance and Efficiency for Your Installations

As a partner installer, discover Intuis storage radiators, a high-performance and efficient heating solution to meet your clients' needs. Intuis storage radiators provide gentle and consistent warmth, combining thermal performance and energy savings.

Optimal Thermal Performance: Intuis storage radiators are designed to offer optimal thermal performance. Thanks to their heat storage capacity, they store energy during off-peak hours and release it gradually, ensuring a constant and comfortable warmth in residential and commercial spaces.

Energy Savings: Intuis storage radiators are designed to maximize energy efficiency and achieve savings on energy consumption. With their intelligent storage system, they optimize the use of electrical energy, reducing heating costs while preserving the environment.

Installation Flexibility: Intuis storage radiators offer installation flexibility to accommodate various space configurations. Our storage radiators easily adapt to your projects, providing a heating solution tailored to your clients' needs.

Precise Control: With Intuis storage radiators, your clients can enjoy precise control over their thermal comfort. Thanks to intuitive controls and advanced programming options, they can easily adjust the temperature and heating schedules according to their preferences, offering personalized comfort.

Reliability and Durability: Intuis storage radiators are built to last. Manufactured with high-quality materials and strict standards, they offer exceptional reliability and long-term durability. Your clients can rely on Intuis storage radiators to provide them with reliable and consistent warmth for many years.

Technical Support and Expertise: As an Intuis partner installer, you benefit from our technical support and expertise to assist you in your installations. Our team is here to answer your questions, provide personalized advice, and support you throughout the process, ensuring the success of your projects.

Offer your clients Intuis storage radiators for optimal thermal performance, energy savings, and personalized comfort. Contact us today to learn more about our products and become a trusted Intuis partner installer.