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Optimize your thermal comfort while reducing your energy consumption with the revolutionary smart radiator integrated with the Intuis Connect solution!

Looking for a modern, convenient, and eco-friendly heating solution? Look no further! Our smart radiator, accompanied by the Intuis Connect app, is the answer to all your smart heating needs.

Imagine being able to control your heating remotely, no matter where you are. Say goodbye to unnecessary trips to adjust your indoor temperature or arriving at a cold home after a long day. With the Intuis Connect app, you can easily program and adjust the temperature in each room directly from your smartphone or tablet.

The intelligence embedded in our solution allows you to achieve considerable energy savings. Our smart radiator automatically adapts to your lifestyle and local weather conditions to optimize your energy consumption. No more wasting energy unnecessarily! With our solution, you enjoy optimal comfort while reducing your environmental footprint.

But the Intuis Connect app doesn't stop there. It offers a multitude of advanced features to simplify your life. You can create customized schedules for each room to enjoy the ideal temperature according to your daily routines. Furthermore, you can control multiple radiators simultaneously, providing centralized and convenient management of your heating system.

Want to monitor your energy consumption in real-time? With the Intuis Connect app, it's possible! You have precise tracking of your consumption, allowing you to better understand your energy usage and adjust your settings to optimize your expenses.

And that's not all! Our smart radiator is compatible with popular voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Just give voice commands to adjust your home's temperature, offering an even more intuitive and convenient experience.

By choosing our smart radiator with the Intuis Connect solution, you opt for a heating system that combines safety, comfort, and energy efficiency. Enjoy total control over your heating, wherever you are, and optimize your energy consumption with our smart solution. Don't let the cold take over—embrace today the heating technology of tomorrow!