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Heaters: Our fan heaters offer instant and adjustable heat in your bathroom. With their integrated fan, they quickly distribute heat in the space, allowing you to create a warm ambiance in no time. They come with user-friendly controls to adjust the temperature and power to your preferences.

Infrared Heaters: Our infrared heaters are designed for targeted and pleasant heat. They emit infrared rays that directly heat objects and people in the bathroom, offering a comforting sensation. These heaters are available in wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted versions, adapting to your installation configuration.

Moisture Resistance: Our fan heaters and infrared heaters are specially designed to withstand the moisture present in bathrooms. They feature splash protection and comply with the strictest safety standards, ensuring safe and reliable use.

Functional Design: Our fan heaters and infrared heaters are designed with a functional design, harmoniously integrating into your bathroom. They are compact and discreet, taking up minimal space. You can choose from different models and finishes to meet your clients' specific needs.

Easy Control: Our fan heaters and infrared heaters come with intuitive and user-friendly controls. You can adjust the temperature, power, and even the timer for precise control of the heat in the bathroom. Offer your clients personalized comfort and a convenient heating experience.

Energy Efficiency: Our fan heaters and infrared heaters are designed for optimal energy efficiency, allowing you to save on energy bills. They feature functionalities such as presence detection or smart thermostats that optimize energy consumption and reduce heat loss.

Provide your clients with a reliable and high-performing heating solution with our fan heaters and infrared heaters certified as "Origine France Garantie." Contact us today to learn more about our range of bathroom heaters and become a preferred partner installer for these superior-quality products.