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Connected Radiators: Comfort and Intelligent Control for Your Home

Discover our range of connected radiators, an innovative heating solution that combines comfort and intelligent control for your home. Thanks to advanced connectivity technology, our connected radiators offer you a personalized and convenient heating experience.

Intelligent control: With our connected radiators, you have full control over your heating system. Using a dedicated app, you can remotely adjust the temperature of each radiator, create personalized heating schedules, and adjust settings according to your preferences. You can even control your radiators through voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Personalized comfort: Our connected radiators allow you to enjoy optimal thermal comfort. You can easily regulate the temperature in each room of your home, adapting the heating to your specific needs. Whether you want gentle warmth in the living room or a higher temperature in the bedroom, our connected radiators adapt to your preferences.

Energy savings: Thanks to the advanced programming functionality of our connected radiators, you can optimize energy consumption and save on your heating bills. You can schedule heating periods based on your schedule and room occupancy, avoiding unnecessary heating of empty spaces.

Smart connectivity: Our connected radiators can be integrated with other smart devices in your home, creating a connected ecosystem. You can synchronize them with temperature sensors, smart thermostats, or even complete home automation systems for centralized management of your thermal comfort.

Ease of use: Our connected radiators are designed to be simple and user-friendly. You only need a smartphone or tablet to control your radiators anytime and from anywhere. The intuitive app interface makes it easy to manage your settings and view consumption statistics.

Modern design: Our connected radiators combine functionality and aesthetics. With their modern and sleek design, they seamlessly integrate into your interior decor. Whether you're looking for vertical or horizontal radiators, our connected models offer a variety of choices to suit all styles.

Experience connected heating with our connected radiators and enjoy tailor-made comfort and intelligent control. Contact us today to discover our product range and transform your home into a warm and connected space.