French Origin Guaranteed


Dynamic heat storage radiator in off-peak hours

The dynamic storage heater that stores heat when electricity is cheapest and releases it when it is at its most expensive




    Reference : M100122

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    • The intelligent dual control system manages the heat load as needed and regulates the room temperature for optimal comfort and real energy savings
    • Accutherm takes on heat during "offpeak hours" (OP), when the energy rate is the most attractive, and releases it throughout the day, aas needed Accutherm enables substantial savings
    • Radiator certified with the OFG label (Origine France Garantie). This guarantees that the majority of production operations take place in France


    SAVINGS High-precision, easy-to-use dual intelligent control It manages the heat output according to your needs and the remaining energy and enables you to regulate the room temperature very accurately; so, there are no heat surges, and you benefit from the ultimate combination of utmost comfort and energy savings. Charges heat during 'Off-peak' hours, when the energy price is at its lowest, and releases it throughout the day as required. Accutherm provides substantial savings on your electricity bill compared to a conventional radiator, which will mainly run on the Peak tariff.

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    (1) Recommended retail prices (excluding installation) may vary depending on each installer, who is free to set their own rates. Additionally, if your home is over 2 years old, you may be eligible for a reduced VAT rate of 10% or 5.5% for products eligible for the Energy Transition Tax Credit (heat pumps and thermodynamic water heaters). Please note that to benefit from tax credits and energy rebates, the products must be supplied and installed by a qualified professional.

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