Designer and connected radiator with fluid inertia.

With its 100% metallic heating body and its level of equipment, SLOOP meets the most severe requirements of DPE renovations




    Reference : M146113

    Recommended retail price (incl. VAT)



    • A 100% recycled aluminum radiator, these side coverings are made of steel which gives it strength and durability over time.
    • Like the elegant sailboats from which it takes its name, Sloop presents a curved design which favors the diffusion of the gentle radiation of fluid inertia. The compact format of the aluminum heating body also ensures good responsiveness.
    • Energy savings managed in connected mode with the intuis connect with Netatmo App. The connection module is delivered with the device, no additional accessories required.*
    • Sloop is equipped with an antitilt chain which allows easy access to the back of the device, to facilitate cleaning and access to the connection module.

    * 100% connected refers to connected devices delivered with the connection module included in the packaging.


    SAVINGS Each degree cooler represents a 7% saving. 

    SLOOP offers the most advanced energy

    • saving features recommended for CEEs (energy saving certificates) and renovations aimed at improving energy ratings.
    • Accurate to a 10th of a degree CA certified 0.1
    • Behavioural indicator.
    • Absence detection. 
    • Auto-programming mode. 
    • Open window detection. 
    • Property manager features: 
    • simple locking, pin code locking, set temperature range Hospitality options: possibility to lock the controls and temperature range setting. 
    • Temperature calibration. Daily and weekly programming: 3 pre-set programmes and 3 free programmes.
    • Digital pilot wire.

    Technical Specifications

    Qualities and Environmental Characteristics


    Certifications and regulations


    (1) Recommended retail prices (excluding installation) may vary depending on each installer, who is free to set their own rates. Additionally, if your home is over 2 years old, you may be eligible for a reduced VAT rate of 10% or 5.5% for products eligible for the Energy Transition Tax Credit (heat pumps and thermodynamic water heaters). Please note that to benefit from tax credits and energy rebates, the products must be supplied and installed by a qualified professional.