How to save money with heat pumps
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How Much Can You Save with a Heat Pump?

Heat pump

The heat pump (HP) has become an increasingly popular solution for heating and cooling homes. Not only do they provide optimal thermal comfort, but they also offer significant energy savings. Here's an introduction to a must-have equipment for individuals looking to optimize their energy consumption.

Why Does a Heat Pump Lead to Savings?

A heat pump is a heating and air conditioning system that operates simply, much like a loop: it extracts heat from the ground, outdoor air, or an aquifer and then releases it indoors. Unlike traditional boilers that generate heat by burning fossil fuels, a heat pump harnesses renewable energy naturally available in the environment. This heat recovery process allows the heat pump to produce up to 4 units of heat for only 1 unit of electricity consumed. Consequently, they are much more efficient than traditional heating systems, resulting in substantial energy savings.

Is Installing a Heat Pump Truly Beneficial?

Whether installing a heat pump is beneficial depends on several factors:

1. The economic feasibility based on the existing system's condition, including a detailed economic analysis considering the rise in energy costs. In the case of a recent boiler system that one wishes to keep, it might be judicious to use it as a backup to a compatible hybrid heat pump. This way, both solutions are retained, favoring thermodynamics and savings.

2. To achieve optimal energy savings, the building must be well insulated. Adequate insulation reduces heat loss and maximizes the heat pump's efficiency. Simply replacing the existing heating system with another without improving insulation isn't sufficient to make it cost-effective. Ideally, changing the water regime to be more efficient is essential. For instance, transitioning from high-temperature radiators above 65°C to a low-temperature system like underfloor or ceiling heating at 30/35°C provides comfort and better performance for the heat pump.

3. Installation configuration: If, for example, the residence relies solely on electricity without a heating water circuit, installing such a network can be costly. There are solutions like ceiling systems, which are much more expensive. Alternatively, one can participate in a comprehensive renovation project, installing underfloor heating, and improving insulation. While this is the most comfortable solution, it may not be the least costly. A thorough assessment of these options is necessary.

4. Feasibility and equipment integration: Sometimes, the configurations don't allow for it, whether it's due to a lack of space for the equipment, urban planning regulations, proximity to neighbors for outdoor equipment, the impossibility of drilling for water-water heat pumps, or unsuitable soil conditions.

Is a Heat Pump Cost-Effective?

Again, several factors come into play, including the initial installation cost, energy savings realized, and available financial incentives.

Although the price of a heat pump is higher compared to traditional heating systems, long-term energy savings usually compensate for this initial investment. Moreover, the savings achieved with a heat pump also depend on the type of system installed.

Intuis high-temperature heat pumps are designed and manufactured in France. They are both efficient and environmentally friendly thanks to the eco-friendly R290 refrigerant, providing comfort and durability.

Quelles économies avec une pompe à chaleur ?

The Heat Pump, a Solution That Meets Various Needs

One of the significant advantages of a heat pump is its ability to centralize multiple needs into a single system. In addition to providing heating, it can also supply domestic hot water. This means you don't need to invest in several separate pieces of equipment, reducing installation and maintenance costs while saving space.

By using a heat pump's cooling function, you can achieve additional savings by avoiding the purchase of separate cooling solutions. The result is an overall reduction in your electricity bill.

Financial Incentives to Lighten the Investment

To encourage the adoption of more environmentally friendly heating systems, various financial incentives are available for heat pump installation.

For example, MaPrimeRénov offers subsidies to homeowners for energy renovation work, including heat pump installation.

The zero-interest eco-loan allows you to borrow money under favorable conditions to finance your energy renovation work, including heat pump installation.

It's also worth looking into energy savings certificates (CEE) that can be obtained by installing a heat pump.

CEE certificates are awarded by energy providers and can be exchanged for premiums or discounts on energy renovation work.

All these financial incentives help reduce the initial investment required for heat pump installation, making it a more affordable and attractive option for many homeowners.

Factors Influencing Heat Pump Profitability

Several elements must be considered to assess the profitability of a heat pump. First and foremost, the energy efficiency of the heat pump itself plays a key role. Highly efficient heat pumps result in more significant energy savings, translating into long-term financial savings.

Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, your home's characteristics, such as insulation, the area to be heated, and the climate of your region, will impact the savings realized. A well-insulated home adapted to climatic conditions is more conducive to heat pump efficiency.

Finally, it is essential to consider the cost of energy in your region. If electricity prices are high, the savings achieved with a heat pump will be more significant, making the investment more profitable.

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