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Installing a Smart Radiator

Are you looking to save money and enjoy optimal comfort? Connectivity can be a plus! Even when not connected, Intuis radiators offer a level of intelligence that ensures a high degree of comfort and significant savings. So, what are the benefits of connecting your devices, and why choose intuis Connect? Let's dive in.

How does a smart radiator work?

In the realm of electric radiator control, using connected technology is not just a gimmick. This is especially true when opting for a well-designed and managed solution, like the connected offering, Intuis Connect with Netatmo.

Intuis Connect radiators have been specially designed for this purpose. They incorporate electronic sensors and thermal intelligence algorithms that analyze the room's thermal environment and aggregate all this data. This information is then transmitted and made available on the Intuis Connect application via a gateway connected to the home's Wi-Fi. This allows precise adjustments to their operation.

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Who to contact for smart radiator installation?

Intuis Connect radiators can be installed as easily as any other type of radiator.

A qualified electrician will be able to ensure installation compliant with standards and regulations, in addition to providing advice on choosing the radiator and the most suitable connection method for your needs.

Intuis has a network of experts and is committed to helping you find a qualified installer near you.

Intuis partners with over 2500 qualified installers throughout France.

intuis is in partnership with over 2,500 qualified installers throughout France.

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How does the installation process unfold?

Once the radiators or towel warmers are installed, all that's left is to connect them. Thanks to the Intuis Connect application, the setup is within everyone's reach!

For Intuis Connect, this involves either plug-and-play modules that integrate into each radiator or a single gateway for the home that simply plugs into an outlet for the latest generation of native radiators.

Please note that to connect your heating devices, you obviously need a router, an internet subscription, and to download the free Intuis Connect app on your smartphone.

You just need to follow the instructions.

Developed with Netatmo, the Intuis Connect app is praised for its reliability and ease of use.

Configuring My Installation

The Benefits of a Smart Radiator with Intuis Connect With Netatmo

Once your connected radiator is installed, you can control it remotely using the dedicated Intuis Connect mobile app.

The Intuis Connect app allows you to control a single radiator, but it truly shines in its ability to greatly simplify the management of a complete set of radiators.

Discover many features and their advantages:

  • Centralized control: Manage the set temperature of all radiators from your smartphone. No need to move around. All rooms appear on the screen, and you can adjust the target temperature from your couch or remotely. All radiators in the same room adjust and synchronize. You'll never forget to turn down the heat when you leave

  • Optimized and simplified programming: With Intuis Connect, organizing your rooms based on your usage and providing your lifestyle information through a quick questionnaire is all you need to do. The app will then propose an adjustable heating plan in terms of hours and degrees.

  • Constant connection to your installation: Enhanced alert systems, such as open window detection, absence detection, and pricing information, synchronize the entire system, and you receive notifications on your smartphone. The app suggests corrective actions that you can accept, refuse, or even automate.

  • Consumption tracking for better energy management: The app displays real-time tracking of your heating consumption in kWh, by day, week, or month. 

Also, enjoy an expandable system where two accessories complement your installation:

  • Manager Counter connects to your electrical meter and offers tariff control, overall electrical consumption tracking, and intelligent load shedding that erases radiator consumption, allowing you to subscribe to a more economical plan.

  • Aqua-Manager connects to the electrical panel at the water heater control relay and offers control over the electric water heater's activation and consumption tracking.

Wherever you are, the Intuis Connect app makes it easy to adapt your heating system to your lifestyle.

Discover all the advantages of Intuis Connect.

Discover Intuis Connected Radiators

At Intuis, the connected mode is not reserved only for high-end models: connected solutions are available in all categories to fit all budgets. From decorative Intuis Signature radiators to convectors and bathroom appliances.

Discover our Intuis Connect solution.

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