Our loyalty programs

Welcome to our exclusive loyalty programs for electric radiators and heat pumps. At intuis, we've designed these programs to reward our most loyal customers and provide them with exceptional benefits.

Discover "Green Gifts": the loyalty program that rewards your purchases of intuis radiators

A simple 3-step process : 

1. Sign up at cadeaux-verts.muller-intuitiv.com
2. Declare your purchases by scanning your invoices
3. Accumulate between 200 and 100,000 points (1 point = €0.15)

Choose your gifts at any time. Offer reserved for installers making their purchases through a professional distribution agency.

Be rewarded for every intuis radiator purchase

By joining our "Green Gifts" loyalty program, our professionals enjoy exclusive rewards designed to recognize their commitment to the environment and sustainability.

Choose from a selection of practical, well-being, and trendy gifts: gourmet items, leisure, high-tech, relaxation, decoration...

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Discover "Top intuis": our new loyalty program to win up to 2 products per year

Top intuis is the new loyalty program that rewards our installers with exclusive benefits. Depending on your purchases, accumulate points and treat yourself to reserved products.

To join, sign up for free with the nearest sales representative, and try to win an HTi70 Premium+ heat pump.

The more eligible products I install, the more points I accumulate!

How does it work?

1. Register the warranty certificate* of the solution you have just installed at www.top-intuis-thermo.fr.
2. Accumulate Gold and Silver points.
3. Order the products eligible for the loyalty program! * In the case of a heat pump installation, it is the warranty certificate for the outdoor unit that counts.

If you have any questions, contact us at contact@top-intuis-thermo.fr.