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UtCi Individual Units

The UtCi, Individual Comfort Thermodynamic Units, are reversible and all-in-one high-energy efficiency units connected to the water loop, which serves as the energy transfer medium within the building.

These ranges of heat pumps are:

  • Fully customizable to adapt to building requirements.
  • Communicative and intelligent, leveraging an integrated controller.
  • Equipped with a variable-speed compressor that provides 20% additional energy savings.
  • 4-in-1 units, delivering air renewal, thermal recovery, heating, and cooling capabilities simultaneously

Addressing the challenges of the Energy Transition Act.

As a result of France Energie's technological innovation strategy, the reversible UtCi units not only provide air conditioning but also recover and redistribute heat in place. Consequently, they are considered renewable energy production equipment (ENR&R).

They recover thermal energy and completely meet the heating and cooling needs, thanks to the constant interaction between the UtCi units and the water loop.

In summary, they:

  • Return 4 to 7 times the amount of energy they consume.
  • Benefit from free contributions (data centers, facades exposed to solar gain...).
  • Enhance unused and lost energy by capturing and recycling it within the loop (waste heat...).
  • Reduce primary energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

For public and private multi-residential buildings, offices, hotels, and shopping centers.


The UtCi units comply with building thermal regulations. They are particularly well-suited for office buildings, shopping centers with mall areas, hotels, and ground-floor retail spaces in residential buildings. They facilitate heat recovery to supply domestic hot water (DHW) to residential areas using the same initial energy source.

Their performance allows for obtaining various labels: HQE, BREEAM, LEEDS.


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Energy Savings

Depending on the total building's needs, the water loop self-balances or stores energy for one or several days without external support, as 2/5 of the appliances in cooling mode provide enough energy to operate the remaining 3/5 in heating mode.

The reversible UtCi units are characterized by their high COP (Coefficient of Performance) and EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) values, which can exceed 7. For every 1 KW of electricity consumed, the solution generates up to 7 KW of heating or cooling power.

Simplified Installation without Refrigerant Lines

The compact and versatile reversible UtCi units, whether wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted, can be easily connected to the energy loop without requiring extensive construction work or the interruption of heating or cooling in the building. The installation process is adaptable and involves straightforward plumbing work, eliminating the need for any refrigerant lines.

5 Innovative Ranges for Tailor-Made Solutions

Heat Pump, connected to a water loop, with two non-insulated tubes, and all equipped with a Smart Eco PAC-FE communicating control system


Variable flow rate, very silent and comfortable solution, it allows for significant energy savings:

In line with the UtCi HEE-FE, this solution is the first and only reversible heat pump on the water loop market with a variable flow compressor. It constantly adapts to the thermal needs of the room. Its built-in communicating control system, Smart Eco PAC-FE, allows for flexible power control to gradually reach the set temperature.


Cassette, compact, aesthetic, and silent, it can be customized with colors chosen by the architect:

With a small footprint and no duct network, it integrates into the false ceiling plenum for improved hygiene and simplified installation.

User-friendly, it features a 4-way air intake and discharge grille that creates an airflow without a "cold shower" effect.

Aesthetically, the painted grille can be customized with colors selected by the architect.

UtCi 4en1-FE

This innovative 4-in-1 solution provides air renewal, thermal energy recovery, heating, and cooling:

Its compact design is ideal for existing tertiary buildings or renovation projects aimed at reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions by 50% during the operational phase. As an option, its patented RO² principle uses direct cooling starting at 10°C. Without the need for duct networks, it offers three benefits: healthy indoor air, optimal individual temperature control, and energy savings.

Smart Eco Digit

Smart, communicative, and intelligent regulation, integrated with our innovative ranges:

An autonomous or network-connected solution, compatible with an open and interoperable network (including LonWorks® by Echelon®), it manages temperature, air renewal, lighting, and blinds.

Two new solutions:

  • Smart Eco Touch-FE: Allows for autonomy and management of up to 50 PACs without the need for a BMS (Building Management System).
  • Smart Eco PAC-FE: A communicative regulator that includes new functions for controlling energy storage, load shedding, and individual electrical consumption metering.

New generation of High Energy Efficiency UtCi:

A groundbreaking technology that leaves its mark on all of France Energie's new ranges. Pioneering a long series, its new technology is based on the use of a new generation of components, enabling the production of high energy-efficient performance.